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The world of Edos is changing. A mage just finishing up his formal training seeks the cause in order to make his mark.

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Favored Soul
The world of Edos is changing. A mage just finishing up his formal training seeks the cause in order to make his mark.

Stuck on a Character Design

Hey just dropping in to let you know what's up. I ran into a bit of a snag with a character design I need for the next page. At least I finally got about half of it set, but I'm still sort of fussing around with it. I'll keep you posted when I clear this rather silly hurdle!

Took a couple of weeks off, but been back at work

Sorry I was feeling a little burnt out and took a few weeks off of drawing, but I am back to work again. Not sure when it will be ready, but I will keep you posted.

On the coloring!

Hey everyone, just dropping a quick line to say shading is underway on the next page, and it's my day off so I should be able to get most (still fingers crossed for all) of it done tonight. If not I can finish up tomorrow. This page is pretty important to me as it's been one I've been thinking about doing for ages. I got pretty caught up in capturing the vision I had for it, and I guess in the end I am okay with how the linework turned out. Well back to work!

Just finishing background coloring now

I should have it done after work, just gotta do the last part of the background coloring. Sorry for the quick note, work time.

Sorry it'll be a few more days

Well I just have to finish the last panel's linework and then color. Sorry for the delays. I took a bit too much time over these past weeks to give into my great weakness, but at least that's over now. I'm going to push to have the coloring done at least sometime during Wed. I also had to stop to flesh out a character design. Sometimes I think about posting those rough sketches in the down time, but I'm not sure. They can be pretty rough.

Drawing, why you take so long?

Ugh, I have been working so hard, but it's almost done now. I just got to do all the shading. I got rather hung up on the drawing and travels and then weddings and all sorts of things.

Either way, if you would like, I could post the flat colored version for all your poor people who have been waiting. Otherwise it won't take more than another two days at this point going by my other coloring speeds. I'll keep you posted.

Went on Vacation, Page will have to be next week.

Ah sorry for not mentioning it earlier, but I thought I would have some more time to draw while I was on vacation. However, that was not to be, so I won't have the next page for tomorrow. Hopefuly it won't take more than another week. I will have to buckle down. I regret now, not asking for Tuesday off as well.

Well, keep you posted then.

PS: It has been a nice vacation though!

Next page likely to be done Sun or Monday

Well I am finally up to shading, which is actually the shortest part of the whole process. Hopefully I should have it done by Sunday night or Monday at some point depending on when I work. Slow artist is sloooow.

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